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You know what they say about preparation: use a belt and suspenders.

When it comes to your engine, there aren’t any suspenders, but there might be a belt. Timing belts, as opposed to timing chains have many advantages, and are found in many passenger vehicles. Belt-driven engines are quieter, but they do require a timing belt service.

That little rubber belt keeps your engine “in time.” The pistons, intake valves and exhaust valves all share the same real estate.

The timing belt keeps these moving parts from meeting. It also runs the water pump, which keeps the engine cool by circulating coolant through the coolant passages in the engine and out to the radiator.

Keeping up on timing belt services insures that you won’t run into a broken belt; and those small parts sharing the same cylinder space don’t run into each other. Ask your Advantage Automotive Repair mechanic on your next visit when your vehicle manufacturer recommends timing belt replacement and service.

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