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At Advantage Automotive Repair, our oil changes come with an often confusing question: “Regular, High Mileage or Synthetic Oil?”

Many people ask which is better for their car or more economical, and sometimes the answer is too complicated to address in a few seconds at the counter.

For many cars and trucks, regular oil is a good option. It’s less expensive than other types of oil and keeps engines in good working order for the lifetime of the car.

High mileage oil is recommended for vehicles with 60,000 miles or more.
As the engine cools, regular oil precipitates to the bottom of the engine pan until the engine is turned on again. That means that on a cold start, there is very little lubrication on the cylinder walls for a few seconds. High mileage oil will leave a small film on the cylinder walls to keep them lubricated even if the engine is cold.

Synthetic oil is less oil and more liquid plastic. Because this lab-produced oil has longer molecular chains, it stays slippery longer and provides better protection for more miles, about 5-7,000 miles instead of the regular 3,000. Synthetic oil is also more resistant to extreme temperatures, and won’t harden at high temperature, nor “gel” at low winter temperatures. Some vehicles, such as hybrids and newer luxury vehicles require synthetic oil.

As always, if you have any questions about the difference in oils or what your vehicle should take, contact Advantage Automotive, 6421 Golden Gate Drive, Dublin, CA 925-829-9898

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