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Many vehicles on the road today have either four-wheel-drive (4WD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, sending your engine’s power to all four wheels.

Four-wheel-drive systems, also called four-by-four or 4×4 systems, are generally used by larger trucks and SUVs for off-road driving and towing. All-wheel-drive systems use newer technology for all-weather traction and performance in sedans, station wagons, and even sports cars. Whatever system your vehicle has, you need a trusted mechanic to inspect, service, maintain, and repair it for long-lasting reliability.

Advantage Automotive is your go-to auto shop for full-service four-wheel-drive system repair and maintenance. We have expert teams of ASE-certified mechanics. With our experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re capable of inspecting, servicing, repairing, and replacing all of the components in these complex systems. Whether you’re a lover of off-road driving or prefer your AWD vehicle planted firmly to the road, we’re here to be your trusted service and repair partner.

Four-Wheel-Drive Inspections

Four-wheel-drive systems are made up of many components and systems that enable the engine to send power to all four wheels for maximum traction on and off-road. Parts include differentials, hubs, and the transfer case. Whether you have a full-time 4WD system that’s always on or a part-time system that can be switched on and off, the drivetrain experts at Advantage Automotive know exactly how to inspect these systems thoroughly and completely. Our regular inspections will catch potential issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems for cost-effective peace of mind.

Hub Service

Part-time four-wheel-drive systems use locking hubs at the front wheels to engage them and turn them into drive wheels. The ability to switch between 2WD and 4WD gives the best of both worlds: maximum grip and traction on any surface when needed with 4WD and better fuel economy and reduced tire and component wear with 2WD. These locking hubs must withstand demanding conditions, so it’s important to have your local Advantage Automotive inspect and service them regularly for maximum longevity and reliability.

Transfer Case Service

In 4WD systems, engine power is sent from the transmission to the transfer case, which is responsible for splitting the power and routing it to the front and rear wheels. Transfer cases allow all four wheels to spin together at the same speed, giving maximum traction for off-road driving. Many transfer cases also have an extra set of selectable “low-range” gears that make steep off-road climbs easier. The transfer case is filled with a liquid lubricant to minimize wear and ensure long-lasting reliability.

As key as transfer cases are to your four-wheel-drive system, it’s important to inspect and service them regularly. At Advantage Automotive, our expert mechanics have all the experience and training needed to inspect and maintain your transfer case. If you notice leaking lubrication, grinding noises, or difficulty shifting from 2WD into 4WD, bring your vehicle to Advantage Automotive for friendly, skilled service.

Transfer Case Repair

If you’re experiencing an issue with your transfer case, or if a routine inspection finds a problem, it’s important to have it repaired immediately to avoid bigger, more expensive repairs later. We’re here to perform routine transfer case maintenance like flushing and replacing its lubricant in addition to minor and major repairs and even full replacement. Our goal is to handle all of your transfer case repair needs to have you back on the road—and off of it—as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free estimate.

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