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Is your cylinder head warped? Did your head gasket blow out? Is your cylinder head cracked? Are you looking for a little more performance out of your cylinder heads? Do you need more power?

A major part of your vehicle’s engine, is your cylinder head (often called a head) which rests above your cylinders on top of a cylinder block. Your cylinder heads cap off the block, which in return completes your combustion chamber by sealing both components together.

Symptoms Of A Blown Head Gasket

Air in the Coolant System – Will cause the vehicle to overheat.

Coolant in the Cylinders – Causes a rough idle. Sooner or later severe engine damage may result. Over time damage will occur leading to engine failure and costly repairs.

Compression Loss – Will cause a miss fire issue, rough idle, lower the power output of the engine. Fuel economy will slowly diminish along with the compression.

Coolant in the Oil – When they mix it turns to a thick goo, it will not be able to pass though oil passages to lubricate the engine which causes metal on metal contact. Over time mechanical failure will occur. Water displaces oil, leading to premature bearing damage.

Oil in the Coolant – Sign of a head gasket going bad and or an oil cooler leaking.

Coolant Leaks – There are quite a few components to your cooling system. Which ones over time don’t leak? Your vehicle might say not to change your coolant till 100,000-150,000 miles on some applications. But going that long will cause some coolants to breakdown, overtime when coolant ages sometimes it becomes acidic. What that does is eat through parts from the inside out, including your head gasket. Typically when a head gasket goes bad the price can be so costly to fix, sometimes you can just buy another vehicle. Changing your coolant sooner than later (preventive maintenance) pays for itself and helps your investment last.

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